Creative, Organic and Nurturing Child Care in Bundall

GC Child Care Centres build their day cares based on a foundation of support and encouragement. The safe, welcoming environment at our Bundall centre allows for children to grow and learn with a beautiful mix of outdoorsy adventures and creative indoor activities that are based around teamwork and collaboration.

Each centre has its own unique personality, making it easier for families to choose one that suits them, while all maintaining similarly aligned values of quality, tailored early childhood learning. The Bundall centre surrounds itself with greenery and organic elements and employs a holistic approach to learning. If you are looking for child care in an environment that promotes nature play in the heart of the city, Bundall is your ideal choice.

Bundall Education and Care Centre
92 Slatyer Ave, Bundall 4217
Ph: 5539 2031

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Bundall Child Care values

The Bundall centre is based on a constant connection to nature in the city, the world as a community, and encourages learning through exploration, and nature plays. We maintain a closeness to nature and the outdoors despite the proximity to the centre of the Gold Coast, and encourage organic, whole foods. We also connect with our community through Aboriginal language classes and music and art. Through a genuine, holistic approach, we maintain that no child is the same, and all are provided with the personal care and attention they need.

We believe in a learning environment that encourages creativity and allows for children to grow and develop their natural interests. This is achieved through intra-curricular activities, nature play and passionate staff. This form of learning is highly beneficial, particularly for children that live in inner city suburbs.

Supportive day care for your ‘Bundall’ of joy

If you are looking for day care for your children, consider our Bundall centre. GC Child Care Centres take into consideration your child’s needs, combining nature play, creative projects and individual, personalised attention. We accept children aged 6 weeks to pre-primary, but can also provide vacation care as well as before and after school care for children between Prep and age 13. Contact the Bundall Education and Care Centre on 5574 1033 to find out more. This centre is open 7am – 6pm, 52 weeks a year.

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Bundall Education and Care Centre
92 Slatyer Ave, Bundall 4217
Ph: 5539 2031

Benowa Children’s Centres
198/200 Ashmore Rd, Benowa 4217
Ph: 5539 6144

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